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Eastiny Inn ’s Reviews in Chonburi

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Eastiny Inn ’s Reviews

Reviews Hotel in Chonburi

Discover what other independent travellers and holidaymakers have said about their stay with us via the opinions of the Eastiny Inn Hotel. The first-hand experiences of our other guests’ will act as your complete guide around our hotel. Discover what they have to say about our preferable location in Pattaya’s nightlife hotspot, comfortable and relaxing rooms and suites, spa centre, cafe and restaurant serving delicious dishes, and much more… Similarly, if you would like to leave your own review, we would be happy to know your thoughts and opinions!


Score based on real opinions made by our clients to make check-out

  • Cleaning 9.0
  • Location 8.5
  • Staff 10.0
  • Price 8.0
  • Service 9.0
  • 1/


    Individual Every moment was perfect, all the spaces are made thinking on the client, congratulations for this great hotel!Australia 12/09/2018

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    Individual Close to the beach and totally relaxing. 100% recomended, was a greate travel. The hotel's location is excelent!!!Canada 27/08/2018

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